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  • “I am deeply grateful for James’ substantial contributions to CDG’s leadership development efforts. I can, and do, recommend him highly, and with absolute confidence that he can help other companies that are also intent on developing the leadership capability of their managers and employees.”

    Very truly yours,

    David L. Malmo


    Continental Data Graphics, a Boeing Company


  • I believe that each of us has a unique message to share with the world. I want to help you find yours. That message may save someone's life or help spark a discovery that changes the world. Your message may be the one that brings peace to our planet - or at least, to your neighborhood.

    SPEAK UP! is about helping you discover your unique message, and creating a powerful vehicle for delivering it.


  • For almost twenty years, James has delivered effective, engaging, empowering  training in a variety of subject areas to help people develop and hone "Essential Skills" like Communication, Presentation, Management, Team Building and Leadership skills. 

    James has also helped thousands improve their technical skills in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.


  • Whether you're looking to inspire, inform, motivate or entertain youraudience, James has the ability to blend humor, information and personal experience into a seamless, powerful message that has audiences laughing, crying, learning and inspired to take action.  


  • Want to close the gap between what you want and what you have?  Between where you are and where you want to be?

    James works with individuals, couples, teams and organizations to improve results in the parts of their life that matter most.


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  • “From the opening session to the close of the meeting (which, to everyone assembled, came too soon – a First!), James provided outstanding guidance and insight. His contributions elevated the level of engagement and real learning during the meeting to a level I had not anticipated. His powerful and persuasive voice, his quiet passion, and his well-constructed presentation combined to win over even the most “stuck-in-their-ways” attendees.

    David L. Malmo, President, Continental Data Graphics, a Boeing Company

  • "James is the classic multidimensional talent, that does not come around often. He is a creative and talented public speaker, a teacher and an inspirational, natural leader. There are no limits to his gifts."

    Randie Ellington, Division D Governor, District 57, Toastmasters International

  • Dear James, I was very proud of you! As you walked on stage (at the World Championship of Public Speaking). I said to my neighbors, "You could tell he has more stage time and presence than the others." Quite an accomplishment to get that far!

    - Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker