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    Top companies, organizations and performers know that in order to reach the top (and stay there) requires more than talent, resources, knowledge and consistency.  They have a "secret weapon:" coaches.

    For years, sports teams, athletes and entertainers have used coaches to improve their skills, provide objective support and hold them accountable to their goals.  Today, top executives, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs use coaches to help them:

    • Establish and take action towards achieving goals
    • Become more self-reliant
    • Gain more job and life satisfaction
    • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization

    Forbes.com reports "Coaching also has an impact on an organization's financial performance...60% of respondents from organizations with strong coaching cultures report their revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group."

    Explore the various coaching options below to see which one best meets your needs.

    CONTACT James to discuss a customized approach to your specific situation.


    You are a "VIP:" a "Very Important Presenter" who has a "VIP:" a "Very Important Presentation" to give.

    It doesn't matter whether you're a world leader speaking before the UN, a CEO of a Fortune 500 company speaking before Congress, or a project leader for a start-up giving a status report to a client.  You have something important to say and you need to be at your best. 

    During you VIP day, we will work on whatever you need to improve, including but not limited to:

    • Content & Speech writing
    • Organization
    • Visual Aids
    • Voice / Body language / Gestures
    • Wardrobe
    • A/V equipment (where applicable)
    • Audience Q&A
    • Building Rapport
    • PowerPoint Slides (where applicable)

    James will discuss your speech objectives, audience, larger goals, your existing strengths and growth areas.  Before your VIP day, a current video of you giving your presentation (or other presentation, if you haven't written the VIP presentation yet) is required.  James will review it prior to your VIP day to assess where you are and what you may need to work on.  

    If you're located in the continental US, VIP days will be conduced in person (where practical).  International client VIP days will be conducted over video conferencing tools like Skype or Go-to-Meeting.

    James will provide up to four hours of follow-up coaching after your VIP day concludes.  This will be conducted over the phone or video conferencing tools.

    James conducts VIP sessions in the San Francisco Bay area.  You would be expected to travel here.  James is happy to come to you (in the US), provided you cover all travel-related expenses, including airfare, hotel (if necessary) and ground transportation. 

    Click the "Book Now" button on the right side of the page to see a price list for VIP days and other services.

    Fill out the short form on the CONTACT page to let James know what your VIP needs are and how he can help.


    You may not have to address Congress, but you still want to improve a speech, presentation and/or your speaking skills, and you want one-on-one, personalized attention. You value going at your own pace and schedule.  A Monthly Speech Coaching package sounds like the ideal option for you!

    This program features:

    • Four, one-hour, private speech coaching sessions per month
    • Client-driven agenda - we work on what YOU want
    • Access to my "Speaker Vault" with videos, resources, and tools not available on my public site.
    • Email coaching between sessions.
    • Sessions are conducted in-person (if you're local to the San Francisco Bay area), or on Skype or other online video conferencing platform.  
    • Sessions are recorded so you can mine for new nuggets of helpful tips in the replay (and, there's usually something amazing that gets created in a session that's worth recording!)
    • The investment is $897 per month

    You can click the "Book Now" button on the right side of the page to pick a date and get started coaching with James!


    This call is for people who want to improve their communication and speaking skills, but don't need the one-on-one attention in a private monthly program or VIP session.  You may be a person who really thrives in a group environment, and if you're on a limited budget, this is a great option for you.  Here's what you get:

    • One, 60-minute tele-class per month
    • There is a specific topic each month
    • There will be about 50% teaching and 50% Q&A
    • James will be leading the call, so you get teaching and feedback from him directly
    • There will be special guest speakers from time to time - TWO experts for the price of one!
    • Participants will receive a recording of each call

    Pay-as-you-go - Only $97 for each session. 

    A schedule will be posted on this website.  Sign up on the home page to receive notifications by email of our classes or visit our "Events" page.


    You may be very comfortable with your speaking skills, but would still appreciate a "second opinion."

    James will review your speech (on paper or video) and provide you with an audio or video recording of his feedback.  

    This Speech Review is $97 per speech.  You may add a 30-min, live feedback call for an additional $97.

    Click the "Book Now" button on the side of this page to schedule your Speech Review.